New to the bridal world, Ever is a contemporary collection of bridal styles that have been created around fun cuts, unexpected details, rich & luxurious fabrics, and modern finishes. Based on our design pillars of movement, purpose, fun, and identity, we have created a unique selection of dresses (and a jumpsuit!) that bring a new and distinctive look to the industry. 

Ever is the label for someone who wants something different. We designed dresses that transcend bridal trends and instead shift the focus to the person who is wearing them and their unique style. Think twisted taffeta bows, oversized frills, puffball skirts, plunging necklines, cut-out details, and designs that take you through every decade. 

No, but all retailers do have access to our loan service so if their is a particular style you would love to try they can bring our sample into store for your appointment (depending on availability).

All designs are available in UK sizes 6-36.

Our styles start from an SRP of £900 to £2,660.

Each style has a number of customisation options which are listed on their page, but if you're looking for something completely custom or the option to change a fabric, use a bold colour etc. message us at hello@everbridal.co.uk & we'll see what we can do! 

Send us a message at hello@everbridal.co.uk and let us know your wedding date, where you're based and what you're looking for, then we'll work it out from there!

Pop us an email at hello@everbridal.co.ukand we'll see how we can help!

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Brought to life by industry professionals with years of design experience in both the bridal and fashion worlds, our inspiration for this label came from all over the world; from textured fabrics to high-end fashion; from decadent interiors to negative spaces. There were no rules when it came to designing this collection, and that's what makes it so fun.